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No other chocolate in the world has been as pampered from start to finish as Fortunato No. 4 Peru. The result is an exquisite chocolate that pleasures the palate. Top pastry chefs, world renowned chocolatiers, and chocolate aficionados across the globe are raving. They’ve never tasted a chocolate like Fortunato No. 4 Peru before.

The star treatment starts on the farm. We’ve identified 218 farmers in the Maranon Canyon that have Pure Nacional cacao growing on their land. Our farmers go to extreme measures to make sure their cacao trees are taken care of. This means pruning regularly, using only all natural organic fertilizer, and never growing other types of cacao on their farms.

Only the most perfectly ripe and perfectly shaped cacao pods are picked for Fortunato No. 4 Peru. We literally hand pick every cacao pod. If the cacao isn’t absolutely flawless, we sell it to other chocolate makers and they use it in their chocolate. Only perfection is acceptable.

In our jungle processing facility, we and our employees work around the clock. Every little detail is scrutinized and measured. For two years we processed cacao and made chocolate without selling a single bar of chocolate to anybody. By obsessive testing and experimentation,we’ve developed processes that are not used anywhere else. Our clients appreciate extraordinary products. They want the best.

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