Wholesale Products

We offer 6 products on a wholesale basis.

Pure Nacional Raw Cacao
(Packaged in 50 kg/110 pound bags)

Pure Nacional Roasted Nibs
(Packaged in 11.36 kg/25 pound boxes)

Pure Nacional Cocoa Mass 100% – Untempered
(Packaged in 17.3 kg/38 pound boxes)

Pure Nacional (Fortunato No. 4) Dark Couverture 68%
(Packaged in 10kg/22 pound cases)

Pure Nacional Dark Milk (Fortunato No. 4) Couverture 47%
(Packaged in 10kg/22 pound cases)

Pure Nacional Milk (Fortunato No. 4) Couverture 36%
(Packaged in 10kg/22 pound cases)

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Interested in larger bulk quantities of Pure Nacional Products?

These beans have an extraordinary amount of Cocoa Butter—where the unique flavors reside.

Pastry Chef Paul Edward