Chocolatiers Speak About
Fortunato No. 4

United States

Chef and Restaurateur Eric Ripert. His Flagship restaurant Le Bernardin, located in New York City, is ranked among the top 20 of the top 50 restaurants in the world for the last 12 years. The restaurant holds the maximum ratings of 4 stars from the New York Times & 3 Stars from Michelin Guide. It is ranked the No. 1 restaurant in New York City by Zagat.

I am a chocoholic. This chocolate made with Peruvian Pure Nacional beans is the best chocolate I have ever tasted.


Pastry Chef Norman Love. He is a renowned chocolatier who produces premium chocolates. Norman Love Confections is rated as one of the top three chocolate companies in the US by Consumer Report. National Geographic named Norman Love as one of the 10 best chocolatiers in the world.

Fortunato No. 4 is the standard by which fine chocolate must be measured.


Pastry Chef Roger von Rotz. He is the premier chocolatier in Central Switzerland. Roger and his wife own and operate 6 luxury chocolate shops in Switzerland. He has received numerous awards for innovative chocolate creations.

Fortunato No. 4 is the Rolex of Chocolate. It is unbelievable.


Pastry Chef Patrick Roger. He is a chocolate artist and sculptor and is recognized as the most famous pastry chef in France. Patrick was named the best chocolatier in France. He twice won the prestigious award of Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

Roger von Rotz gave me one taste and I knew I must have Fortunato No.4 for all of my customers in France and now I do.


Pastry Chef Thierry Busset. Born in France, He was the pastry chef at two three-star-Michelin Guide restaurants in London: Le Gavroche and Michel Roux Jr. before moving to Vancouver, Canada to open his own chocolate shops. Thierry was voted the maker of the Best Desserts and Best Pastries in British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver Magazine said, ‘Thierry is widely regarded as one of North America’s finest pastry chefs.’

There is no other way to say this, I love Fortunato No. 4 chocolate.


Pastry Chef Igor Van Gerwen. Born in Belgium, he now owns a chocolate business in Australia. He won the Australian Salon Culinaire Award, the Australian Peoples Choice Award, and the Independent Retailers Award.

In my 30 years, I have never experienced more rewarding Chocolate. I recently visited the Marañón Canyon, the social responsibilities and sustainable farm practices engaged in the growing the cacao and making the chocolate, satisfy the conscience.

Bean to Bar Makers Speak About
Marañón Cacao


Husband & Wife, Chef Gastón Acurio & Pastry Chef Astrid Acurio. They have Peruvian cuisine restaurants in South America, Central America, Mexico, Europe, and the US. The Flagship restaurant in Lima is the first Peruvian restaurant to be ranked in the top 50 restaurants in the world. It holds the maximum 3 Stars from Michelin Guide. Gaston and Astrid have a television program that broadcasts in all Spanish speaking countries worldwide.

I just tried the best cacao I have had in my whole life, Pure Nacional.

Gastón Acurio

Robbie Stout and Anna Davies. They are the founders and owners of Ritual Chocolate, the award-winning bean to bar maker in Park City, Utah. They restored and utilize a century-old conch to make chocolate. Since their founding, Ritual makes chocolate with our Pure Nacional cacao from Peru. 

Marañón cacao contains so much flavor packed cocoa butter, we must watch the conch closely to keep the chocolate from splashing over the sides

Robbie Stout

Charley and Jessica Wheelock. They are the founders and owners of Woodblock Chocolate the innovative bean to bar makers in Portland, Oregon. They utilize century-old equipment to make their chocolates both single-origin and trend-setting blends.

The unique flavors and the abundance of cocoa butter – where the flavors hide- makes Marañóncacao the backbone of our chocolates.

Charley Wheelock

Bryan and Dahlia Graham. They are the founders and owners of Fruition Chocolate located in Shokan, New York. There Pastry Chef Byran converts cacao into numerous award-winning chocolates. Fruition’s Maranon Milk 68% won the top Gold Medal at the International Chocolate Awards.

Marañón is a family business with hands on attention to detail which creates consistent quality. Their rare white & dark cacao exceeds our expectations.

Bryan Graham

Alastair and Friederike Grower. They are the founders and owners of The Chocolate Tree, Scotland’s first Award-winning bean to bar makers located n Edinburgh, Scotland. They have been working which our Pure Nacional cacao for nearly a decade.

The Fruit and Flora notes in the dark beans and nutty flavor notes in the white beans are perfect for infusions especially with our Whisky and Coffee chocolates.

Alastair Grower

Zsolt Szabad. He is the founder and owner of Rozsavolgyi Csokolade Kft in Budapest a bean to bar making Pastry Chef, in Budapest, Hungary. His award-winning chocolate creations are available in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North America.

Marañón with 40% white beans creates flavor notes unlike any cacao I have ever tasted. I love making chocolate with their Pure Nacional cacao.